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The website P2mbrasil, announces to all users that  today, 20/11/2005, the website will remain open ONLY for the users who colaborate with money

In order to get more information about becoming a VIP user, send emails to admin@p2mbrasil.com or renatoyann@p2mbrasil.com

Rules and Information to everyone:

0- All releases in the website will be able to be seen on a new area wich only shows information about the upload.

1 – ONLY VIP users(money) will be able to access the download area

2 – The website englobes 28 official uploaders and the final limit is 30. It means that VIP users can become official uploaders by reaching 10 gb.

3 – Moderators, Uploaders, Accounts Makers, TI, and Tutorial Coordinators will not pay to access the download section because they work hard for the website.

4 – The parts of the website where anyone will be able to reach are:

Regras e Avisos.(Rules and Warnings)
Bate-Papo e Ajuda(Chat and Help).
Críticas e Sugestões ao P2M Brasil.(Suggestions and complains)
Área exclusiva para Iniciantes.(Begginers)
Lançamentos P2mbrasil ( Area Nova que sera Criada )(Releases)
O que você está upando agora.(“What are you uploading now?”)
Uploads da Comunidade.(Community Uploads)

5 – Who does not want to pay, can post your uploads in (Community Uploads) area and is obligated to send a backup Gmail account in order to have your upload moved and become, one day, an official uploader.

6- There are no exceptions for these rules.

7 –The vip user who lend his user account to someone else will be immediately BANNED from the forum and there will be no right to claim for the money and our decision.

8 There will be draws every month and the prizes can be Hardwares like Dvd writers, HDs, etc.

9- VIP users will have Gmail and Walla accounts always. Gmail can be download through P2M, Iddeias, ID, OPenP2M,Reenvia and P2D.

10 – VIP users must respect everyone in the website and any kind of violation to this rule will mean BAN. In case of upload problems, send a PM (Personal Message) to the uploader instead of insulting him.

11- All the money will be spent on the website and there will be NO PROFIT to the administrators.

Please, do not send PMs claiming for changes because this decision will not change.

The website P2MBrasil is one of the hugest websites in the planet on p2m downloads. See our numbers

Movies - 972
Games - 629
Animes - 371
TV Series - 731
Shows and Clips - 373
Full Albums - 1603
Programs - 243
Adult Files - 303
Others- 117

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